Conditions for the User Personal Data Processing

of STIBO MEDIA s.r.o., with its registered office at Na Poříčí 1079/3a, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1, corporate ID: 02895668, recorded in the Register of Companies held by the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. C 224726

• For the purposes of these conditions for personal data processing (“Conditions”) “Business Conditions” shall mean business conditions for the provision of the Ozora service. All definitions listed in these Business Conditions that are capitalised shall have the same meaning in these Conditions and the Conditions shall form an integral part of the Business Conditions, although they are listed in a separate document. All general provisions of the Business Conditions shall apply to legal relations between the User and the Operator in accordance with these Conditions in full scope.

• The Operator hereby informs the User in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection that it gathers and process the personal data provided within the Registration or use of the Services (primarily the email address) in the scope that is necessary for the meeting of the obligations of the Operator. The processing of the above data shall mean their gathering, saving on information carriers, providing access to them, adjustments or modifications, search, use, transfer, distribution, archiving, sorting or combining, blocking and liquidation).

• By concluding the Contract and using the Services the User concurrently provides the Operator with an explicit consent (i) with the processing of his/her personal data in the scope that was provided upon the Registration or in the use of the Services, for other marketing purposes (i.e. offering of products and services) for the period until the expiration of the purpose for which the personal data were processed in accordance with the Act on the Personal Data Protection; (ii) with the sending of commercial communications by electronic means in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on Certain Information Society Services and on Amendments to some Acts, as amended, and (iii) with the fact that the provided personal data are used in full scope for the purposes listed in this text (refer to prior points (i) and (ii).

• The provision of personal data shall be voluntary. The consent with the processing of the data shall be provided for the indefinite period of time and the User may withdraw its consent anytime free of charge at the address listed in the footer of the relevant email if the Operator or through the interface of the Application. The User shall have other rights in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection, primarily the right of access to the data that relate to him/her, the right to correct them, block, or require their liquidation. The User shall have the right for the information on processing of personal data in conflict with the generally binding legal regulation, he/she shall be entitled to ask the Operator for explanation and request the remedy of faulty situation. In addition, he/she shall have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection.

• The User acknowledges that his/her personal data may be processed by third parties in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection, specifically entities from the group of the Operator, the updated list of which is listed on the website, in order to ensure technical and administrative support, and entities in the contractual relation with the Operator, the updated list of which is listed on the website, primarily to ensure the adherence to rights and obligations arising from these Conditions. The Operator shall deliver the personal data of the User to potential processors only after the conclusion of the contract for personal data processing, for the above purposes, in the necessary scope and if the processor proves that it has a sufficient technical safety measures that prevent unauthorised access, loss or any unauthorised dealing with personal data, unless the generally binding legal regulations stipulate otherwise.

• The Operator shall be authorised to process personal data over the term of the Contract. The User acknowledges that the withdrawal of the content with the processing of personal data shall mean an immediate termination of the Contract by the Operator; however, this shall not apply to the consent provided in accordance with point 3 of these Conditions. Following the withdrawal of the consent with the personal data processing, the Operator shall terminate the processing of personal data in a reasonable period that corresponds to technical and administrative possibilities.

• The Operator shall be obliged to collect and archive personal data using electronic information carriers in a secured database. The access to personal data may be provided only to the authorised persons of the Operator. Data backups are made on separate disks and server and are accessible only authorised persons of the Operator.

• By the Registration or use of the Services, the User provides the Operator with the consent to obtain and archive (over the term of the Contract and following three years) the information from the Device used for the access to the Application, Registration, use of the Services, primarily the information recorded in the Application, information from the Profile (e.g. images, photographs, etc.), content of the communication with other Users, setting and administrative data such as user name and password, setting of the User, history and records, time, date and URL of all visited websites using the Application, internet search history, technical information regarding the internet browser and the Device. During the Registration, the User provides the Operator with certain personal data. If the User decides to provide additional personal data on him/her or publishes these data in the Profile, he/she hereby provides the Operator with the consent to deal with the additionally provided personal data.

• In accordance with point 8 of these Conditions, personal data are used for (i) publishing of the information that was marked by the User as public, in accordance with the conditions specified in the User setting, (ii) allowing of a correct use of the Application in accordance with the setting of the User, (iii) general customer administration, (iv) sending of the communication on websites and other products and services (including the Services), (v) provision of advertising made to measure to the User, (vi) investigation of breaches of the Conditions, (vii) generating of anonymous statistics on Users for the purposes of the development of the Application or potential mediation of statistical information to third parties, the updated list of which is provided on the website, (viii) potential registration and publication of the User profile on other social websites owned by the Operator, the updated list of which is provided in the website.

• The Application uses cookies for the identification of the Users, remembering of language preferences and facilitating of the navigation in the Application. The User agrees with that. Cookies may be disabled in the internet browser; however, certain sites of the Application will not work properly in such case.

• The access of the Operator, its executives, its employees, cooperating persons (sole traders) and other similar entities to personal data and other data of the User is significantly limited and all the above listed entities are bound by confidentiality in the standard scope.

• The User agrees that that the Operator will display advertising and other commercial communication in the Application upon his/her access in the Application or during the use of the Services.

• By his/her registration, the User agrees that the information from the profile and other information that he/she provides, including sensitive personal data, may be made accessible from countries outside the Czech Republic, as lower standards of personal data protection may be set in countries outside Europe than in the Czech Republic.

• The Operator is authorised to allow an import instrument to the User, through which the User may invite its email contacts for the Registration. If the User decides to import the contacts, he/she confirms that he/she obtained the consent of these contacts and agrees that an automatic email and reminder will be sent to selected contacts.

• These Conditions shall become valid and take effect on the date when the Business Conditions become valid and take effect.