End User License Agreement (EULA)

• For the purposes of this End User Licence Agreement, “Business Conditions” shall mean business conditions for the provision of the Ozora service. All definitions listed in the Business Conditions that are capitalised shall have the same meaning in EULA and EULA forms an integral part of the Business Conditions and the Contract, although it is contained in a separate document. All general provisions of the Business Conditions shall apply to legal relations between the User and the Operator in line with EULA in full scope.

• The Application is in the exclusive ownership of the Operator and the Operator shall be authorised to exclusively exercise all rights to the Application.

• The Operator grants the licence to the Application and relating databases that will be used in by the User when using the Application. The licence shall be granted as free of charge,
non-exclusive, limited in time for the term of the Contract in accordance with the Business Conditions and unlimited in territory. The licence shall be granted for the use of the Application and databases in a manner and for the purpose arising from the Business Conditions, EULA and the purpose and determination of the Application and the User undertakes to adhere to it.

• The User undertakes to use any content of the Application (except for the content entered by the User) solely over the term of the Contract, within this Application and in accordance with the purpose of such content. The User primarily shall not change the content of the Application in any manner, copy, translate, distribute, publish, create derived works, communicate to the public, store it or otherwise use in any scope and in any manner and use the name stated in relation to this content in the Application.

• Any interventions in the technical or factual content of the Application shall be banned (e.g. decomposition, decompiling, decrypting or reverse analysis of any software or aspect included in the Application). The right to make backup copies of materials contained in the Application for personal needs in accordance with generally binding legal regulations shall not be affected by this provision. Any other reproductions or modifications made using any mechanical or electronic method without the prior written consent of the Operator shall be equally banned. The User acknowledges that any unauthorised intervention in the Application or unauthorised use of any rights relating to the Application (primarily copyright) may cause detriment to the Operator that shall be exercised in respect of the User.

• No rights for the use of trademarks, business names, company logos, copyright or any other objects of the Operator’s intellectual property shall arise to the User.

• The Operator shall be authorised to interrupt the provision of the Services to the User in the event of any breach of EULA by the User. The Operator shall bear no liability for any detriment caused to the User by the above interrupted provision of the Services and the User shall not be authorised for the remuneration of any detriment resulting from such interruption.